How to get cheaper business class flights to Europe

A strong U.S. dollar has made Europe more affordable for Americans than it has been in years. While European destinations may be on sale, business class fares to Europe have continued to increase. However, there are strategies available to U.S. based travelers to access cheaper business class tickets. According to Passport Premiere, a subscription based company specializing in finding the best business class travel deals, travelers should use the devalued Euro to begin a pattern of European originations. In plain English, use frequent flyer miles or a cheap one way fare to get to Europe and then buy a round trip ticket starting in Europe to the U.S. for lower priced business class tickets

By deploying a strategy that travel professionals call “offshore originations,” savvy international travelers from the U.S. can take advantage of lower business class fares with relaxed penalties by starting a pattern of round-trip flights that originate in Europe, instead of in the United States. This tactic saves money in the long run because business class fares between, for example, Istanbul and New York are currently 50 percent less expensive compared to business class fares with the same airline originating in New York.

Here’s how it works: First, travelers arrange a one-way “positioning trip” using money or miles from their home city to Europe. Then, they start purchasing round trip business class travel from Europe to their home city. After the initial positioning trip, travelers will have a ticket returning to Europe ready to use for their next trip. This takes some advance planning, but with the help of companies like Passport Premiere, the savings can be substantial.

For example, on British Airways as of May 19th, business class fares originating from New York and going to Istanbul started at $3,840 + taxes for round-trip travel from June 10 to June 24. Now look at the price difference for the same trip, but originating in Istanbul. Business class fares on British Airways between Turkey and New York start at $1,664 for round trip for travel on the same dates. That’s a savings of nearly 60 percent. British Airways routes travelers via London Heathrow and features 180 degree business class flat beds on the long haul segments.

Business class tickets starting in Europe also have more relaxed cancelation policies compared to flights originating in the U.S. For example, the higher $3,840 fare from New York to Istanbul is non-refundable and carries a $450 penalty for any changes. The lower $1,664 business class fare originating in Istanbul with British Airways, on the other hand, is refundable after a €400 ($447.62) penalty. Changes incur a €240 ($268.57) fee. Similar business class savings is also available from Istanbul to other U.S. cities including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and Washington.

For more valuable international travel tips like this one, visit to help you achieve maximum value in your next international trip with their premium cabin ticket purchases. Passport Premiere members receive weekly Member Intelligence Reports advising which countries offer the lowest business class fares and how to capture them at the right time. Passport Premiere also provides guidance on previous business class buying events, and reports them on their website so international travelers can determine how to get the best international deals at just the right time.

Visiting Cuba – Tips on Planning Your Holiday Or Vacation

While I always think Planning a Holiday is as much fun as the holiday itself. Cuba may be more of a challenge, than usual, if you are planning an independent itinerary.Planning your holiday or vacation in this fascinating country could well become an exercise in compromise and decision making , as you decide what you will do and what you must leave out.

Finding out the information you need is not always easy for Cuba, especially if you are planning your holiday independently. The criteria for visas and best currency to take, does change. Do not reply on an old Lonely Planet. The questions below are important – be sure to answer each, and then decide the best travel plan for you.

o How do you get there?

o Where should you stay?

o How can you best get around ?

o What currency should you take ?

o Do you need a visa?

o Do you need to worry about the weather?

o Is Cuba a safe country for travelling?

o What sort of food will they have?

All these questions may seem daunting, when you review the options.But they are overcome by working through them one by one. Cuba is a little different to other countries, with more restrictions and limitations.It does depend on which country you are from, what the criteria for visas, and travel to Cuba will be. e.g.Getting there is not as simple as just getting on a plane, as you cannot fly directly from USA.

Firstly decide how long you will be in the country. You will almost certainly have nowhere near enough time to fit everything on your list into the time frame you have for your holiday. So decide what is most important to you.

Cuba is not a cheap destination! Take a reasonable amount of cash.Credit cards are limited in use to large hotels.Be sure you check your card will be accepted . They do not take many credit cards. The cost of each transaction is also very expensive, so cards are best used only for large amounts.

Cuba may be a relatively small country, but their variety of geographic areas, gives you many choices in activities and places to visit. Historic towns, beautiful beaches and interesting sights mean you will find your activities and attractions list will offer a vast selection of both outdoor excitement, wonderful music and indoor culture.

Here are some tips for planning your Cuban itinerary:

o Accommodation – Hotels or Casa Particulares – You will need to decide what level of comfort you require! A Casa is a good way to see Cubans in their own homes.

o Negotiation – If you are travelling with another person, or your family, the art of compromise will no doubt have to come into play. Each choose several activities you want to do, and then negotiate if time means some cannot be included! The beach at Varadero or the historic town of Trinidad – they re very different places to spend your time.

o Travelling Solo – Deciding how you travel will be a little easier if you travel on your own. Although you will still be limited to what you have time for, and what suits your budget. Travelling solo will perhaps send you in a different direction. Maybe a tour, or semi independent tour will work best. Or are you just going to take local transport or share a rental car or taxi with others you meet along the way.

o Package Deals – Some activities are fun, but expensive. Look out for package deals if you want to go to a resort. You can get “all inclusive deals “, for often quite a considerable saving.

o Independent Travel or a Tour – A tour might work better for you, rather than travelling independently. Perhaps a bicycle tour, or Intrepid tour where you still have plenty of independent time. stay in a mix of hotels and Casa’s so have the best of both worlds.For some of you the full hotel tour will be your chosen option.

o Culture or Beaches -Do you want to see the historic and cultural Cuba, or are you going for the beach, sun and sand?

o Getting Around – Will it be by bus, mini bus, taxi – perhaps shared, rental car or bicycle.

Ensure you allow enough travelling time between places. Travel in Cuba is slower than you might expect, with limited transport options, and connections that may not always be timed for a smooth transition. E.g. Buses from Vinales get to Havana too late to connect the same day for Trinidad.

If you decide to hire a car, the distances invariably take longer than they look on a map. So do use a distance calculator, and check the road conditions. Travel could be slow on the less than perfect roads!

The Best Tourist Spots in South Korea

The tourism industry in South Korea is an emerging industry and the country is fast becoming one of the hottest destinations to visit in the world. The Korean culture is gaining popularity in the United States and people are also exploring options to visit the country.

Seoul is the capital of the country and is just like any other cosmopolitan city bustling with people. It has a rich blend of modern and traditional culture that offers so much to the intrepid traveler.

The best tourist spots in South Korea to visit are Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Ulsan, Jeju, Sokcho, Suwon and Andong. These cities are rich in natural history, cuisine, culture and also sports. Seoul is a popular Olympics destination and is popular all over the world. The tourism population was very high during the Olympics games and this trend is still continuing.

The caves in Danyang are very popular and the beaches in Haeundae and Mallipo are also popular attractions. Other than these there are several cultural festivals which include sports like bull fighting which are gaining popularity in Korea. People visiting from the United States do not need visa for tourism purpose in South Korea.

The most famous landmarks in South Korea are the Serok- San and Jiri San along with the Baekdudaegan, which are all natural landmarks. Since these names are very difficult to remember, it is always advisable to purchase a proper guide book and travel around South Korea. The guide book along with its maps will help you come up with an easy holiday itinerary so that you can enjoy all the best tourist spots in South Korea.

Tips On Finding The Cheap Flights & Airline Booking Information

When it is the matter of booking cheap flights tickets, you need to gather some information about the major airlines that offers such discount charges for tickets. In order to travel to a country or city you need to book airline tickets well in advance if you wish to go by air. Cheap flights & airline booking services are available widely in today’s world of internet. Travelers can mange to book tickets sitting at the comfort of room through online. There are sites which are exclusively for flight tickets. You can find various airlines to choose. Traveling by air saves lots of time and that is why it will enable you to reach as far as possible. Moreover, it is also quite comfortable and the hospitality they provide is outstanding. If you are traveling to New York by air obviously it will be a mind blowing experience.

New York trip will be costly indeed but you can curtail the expenditure by choosing to make your journey by availing cheap flights to New York City. So that after landing in New York you can start fulfilling your dreams which require huge money. Now, how to find such cheap flight tickets? It is very simple what you have to do is nothing but to hold some patience. The search engines will you introduce to lots of sites which deals with airfares. So without wasting time start clicking the sites that offers New York flight tickets of cheap rates and also check the other travel packages whether it is included or not. Sometimes travel tickets include accommodation charges. Do not let the offers go, so always keep your eyes and ear open at the moment you finally book the cheap flight ticket for New York. Enjoy the journey and have a pleasant stay at New York and explore the whole city which is also known as “the city that never sleeps”.

40 Ideas For Safety Meeting Topics

Safety meetings are the right time to discuss about health and safety related matters in the workplace. Safety meetings can be held regularly or incidentally as a response on occurrence of a specific health and safety problem or after an incident or accident happens.

Ideally, safety meetings focus on just one specific topic. But, what kind of topics do we have to discuss? Here are some topics that you can use in the meeting:

  1. Safety policy
  2. Applicable safety regulations
  3. Compliance status on safety regulations
  4. New safety regulation
  5. Incident and accident investigation
  6. Safety audit findings
  7. OHSAS 18001 surveillance findings
  8. Safety patrol finding
  9. Personal protective equipments
  10. Eye protection
  11. Hearing protection
  12. Hand and foot injuries
  13. Risk assessment for new plant facility
  14. On-way traffic control in the plant site
  15. Pressure vessel regular testing
  16. Working around electricity
  17. Emergency response procedure
  18. Construction safety
  19. Working in a confined space
  20. Lockout and tagout programs
  21. Heat stress
  22. Hazards identification or recognition
  23. How to read Material Safety Data Sheet
  24. How to handle compressed gas safely
  25. Hazardous material preservation and handling
  26. Slips, trips and falls
  27. Near miss incident reporting
  28. Fire extinguisher usage
  29. Safety precaution in case of fire
  30. Maintenance of fire fighting equipments
  31. Safety control for the transformer yard
  32. Fire fighting placement and location indication
  33. Self-inspection system
  34. Chemical exposure control
  35. Safety training program
  36. Gas cylinder control and protection
  37. Hazardous material symbol and label implementation
  38. Loss control report issued by plant insurance company
  39. Safety work permit system
  40. Truck driver safety- It is better to provide a schedule for every safety meeting, especially for regular safety meeting. Don’t forget to file them when you have finished using the materials. Later you will need it.

I believe the list above does not cover all the chemical plant safety related topics. Your input and feed back would be very valuable and I will add it to the list.

5 useful ways to survive your trip to Bangkok

So you have just decided that you want to take a trip to Thailand to see one of the busiest cities in the world. You need to book your flight to Bangkok and you have no idea where you need to start. Unless you live in that part of the world you will need to be prepared for flight that will last at least 8 hours and up. Making sure that you are ready for that will at least put you ahead of the game and leave you ready to make the most of the town from the moment you arrive. Aside from smoothing the flight over there, here are a couple useful ways to make it one of the best trips of your life.

The first thing to consider is the cost of it all – Find a cheap flight by visiting a flights portal that collects all the prices from the local airlines in your area. They post them online and allow you to make specific searches for each one so you know what to expect in terms of the flight costs. There are special deals being offered all the time and you just need to find the right one. The same goes for your accommodation.

Make sure you plan ahead for the trip €” It’s important that you know how to get around, what to bring with you and most importantly what it is that you are going to do there. If you scout ahead to find out what is over there you can plan everything else around that.

Get an idea of the surrounding cities €” you don’t necessarily have to stick to Bangkok alone. You can catch a connecting flights to hong kong as well. Once you’ve had a chance to explore your surroundings you can move on to the next big city. The airline you are traveling on will tell you which flights to take and how much they cost.

Do some reading on the net €” the internet is a great resource for useful information. There are tons of useful tips and tricks to help you in the right direction. You can collect info on the places you are staying, popular sites to see and how you can get there. You can even read up on the airlines you are buying ticket from so you know what to expect in-flight.

Prep properly for the trip €” hot and humid temperatures means lots of water and sunscreen. It would also give you a good indication of what to pack for the trip.

Tips for Tourists to Save Money on Online Travel Booking

Cheap air transport tickets, family travels and a minute ago arrangements found on real internet searchers like Travelocity, Expedia, Priceline, and numerous other profoundly promoted sites don’t spare you greatly contrasted with individual online travel executors, regardless of what venture out arrangements they claim to offer. In the event that you aren’t sparing at any rate $50-$100s of dollars for every hotel, for every get-away bundle, then you truly aren’t getting the best relax bargain.

Did you realize that and is claimed by the same organization? You are as of now getting sold by the same organization. The travel arrangements, get-away and family bundle you thought were cash savers truly aren’t. They’re all offering business rates. Enormous online travel organizations capitolizes off the normal shopper’s obliviousness concerning voyaging, on the grounds that they know the business.

Which is the reason working generally with a decent travel operator, closes to hole. Travel agents and travel org will spare you hundreds if not a huge number of dollars on your normal Disney and ski excursion, a minute ago relax, inns and real carrier tickets in the event that you discover a decent one.

Travel agents for the most part get all the specials direct that the travel business discharges before they achieve the overall population. For the most part we get wholesale rates on real global head out that is never discharged to general society, just travel agents. Sparing clients $300+ dollars on a get-away bundles inside 2 weeks notice are truly all inside a travel agents every day work day. Shabby carrier tickets and ensured modest hotels rates are dependably inside handle by a travel proficient.

With the web being the most obvious hotspot for travel bookings(82 percent of all travel) its best to work with an online travel executor that has their own particular travel business as a result of the funds you’ll generally get if their actual experts of travel. Three great motivations to book family relaxes and all the more through travel operators are:

#1. Hotel rebates: for example, utilizing a particular travel executor’s online travel organization, some may equipped to certification you the best rate 110 percent, constantly. What number of other online travel orgs provides for you those rates constantly. Also having admittance to a decent travel operator, you can discover prompt access to unpublished inn markdown rates just accessible to agents. Selective travel operators with these insider mysteries are dependably investment funds their customers several dollars.

#2. Global travel: Airline consolidators just work with travel agents. They distribute worldwide and some residential unpublished carrier charges to travel agents just and off and on again at thousands beneath business rates. Also before this, you thought you were sparing cash.

#3. Limited time Rates. A month ago a travel executor ran an extraordinary from their organization where two individuals could travel free for one whole year over the globe as commonly they needed. It’s over now, yet its incalculable advancements like these that you will get and quick get to on the off chance that you work nearly with a travel executor. Getting specials on a comprehensive special first night excursion for 5 days at $409, are only one of numerous specials ensured travel operators gets effortlessly.
Discuss travel bargains.

Yes, its actual the old travel organization days are gone, yet the utilization of having your particular travel executor, invaluable! In the event that the executor has their online travel business and sounds proficient, use them for everything travel needs, they’ll truly spare you thousands.

Reasons to Travel With Caribbean Airlines

There are some issues that Caribbean Airlines is acknowledged for doing and doing splendidly. The first among them is spreading out the holiday or vacation experience just a bit longer. A high number of individuals believe that boarding a plane following their vacations is the final part of that experience. It’s a consciousness of coming back to the real world and saying good-bye to all the exuberance. Caribbean Airlines has an objective of doing away with that impression and allowing your vacation to be a hair longer – at least while you’re flying. Below are some of the techniques Caribbean Airlines utilizes to ascertain that goal.

The first thing a majority of people realize about a Caribbean Airlines flight is the entertainment and joyful atmosphere of the plane. Starting with the paint selections, to the color scheme, and on to the Caribbean kindness of the flight crew there are a few details that insinuate that you’re going back to your chores and an array of things to show you that you’re still on vacation. Nothing compares to an opinion of exuberance by all on board to get everything out of your vacation experience and Caribbean Airlines seeks to provide that atmosphere to every single one of their guests.

There are a variety of methods for having an entertaining time when you fly on Caribbean Airlines. The airlines exclusive in flight magazine Caribbean Beat is yet another way that this airline improves your vacation. This magazine generally includes important sights you’ll want to see while traveling, some featured restaurants, and a calendar of local events and festivals that are taking place during your vacation. While on the islands experience the local traditions by using this calendar as a guide to your visit. By reading this magazine you essentially have your own free tour guide to the islands.

In conclusion, there’s the added advantage of no baggage charges for luggage. Universally, airlines are cutting services while boosting fees. A variety of them are now charging shocking fees for suitcases. When one airline commences charging these types of fees it doesn’t take very long until others begin to follow, yet Caribbean Airlines has stuck with their long account of brilliant service by continuing to present not just free baggage, but furthermore free meals and drinks on flights. It’s the little elements such as this that make one airline to be more conspicuous than the others.

You have plenty of choices available to you when making your travel plans for Caribbean vacations. Some of them may look as if they’re greater bargains at the first look however when you analyze the prices aside one another with what you get form flying Caribbean Airlines you’ll discover that they are tons of reasons to take a closer gander at this airline which is speedily transforming into the leading airline in the Caribbean. When you take the time to check out the competition the odds are good that you’ll find Caribbean Airlines has a lot to offer you and those you are traveling with for your next Caribbean vacation.

The Bowler’s Guide to Laying Out a Bowling Ball for Drilling

When it comes to purchasing a new ball, it is very important to drill it in a way that is going to benefit your bowling style, as well as better your scores on the conditions you bowl on. Bowling balls have either symmetric or asymmetric cores, each of which requires different layouts to maximize their reaction potential.

First we will examine the reactions of a bowling ball with a symmetric core. When first glancing at the ball, you will notice a small, colored circle, also known as the pin. The pin is generally used as a guide for where the finger holes will be drilled in the ball. In terms of reaction, placing the pin above the fingers will encourage length and more backend, or down lane hook, and placing it below the fingers will result in an earlier, more smooth reaction. Layouts designed for length are beneficial on lanes that have dry-medium oil, since you want the ball to retain its energy before it reacts, and earlier rolling layouts excel on the heavy stuff, since an earlier rolling ball will cut through the oil and still have enough pop to strike. Another marker to take into account is the center of gravity, usually marked with a symbol (depending on the company, they vary), a few inches below the location of the pin. The CG also plays a role in determining how your ball will react down the lane. For a right hander, moving the CG to the right of your grip center will also promote length and more overall hook, whereas moving it to the left will allow it to roll a bit earlier, and not make as drastic of a move down lane. The same can be said for a lefty, just the other way around. Also, moving the CG closer to where the finger holes were placed will add more backend, whereas moving it closer to the thumb will result in a more even reaction overall.

All of this information is the same for balls that have asymmetric cores, but there is one more factor that needs to be accounted for; the mass bias. The mass bias, usually marked somewhere below the CG, can also be used to dictate length in a ball’s reaction. For a righty, placing the mass bias to the left of the thumb will result in a milder reaction, whereas moving it to the right of the thumb will result in a ball with more length and backend.

Now these are just very general guidelines as to how to layout a bowling ball for drilling, but every bowler should take into account how they throw the ball, their track, and their PAP (positive axis point), since they are unique to everybody. Somebody who has a high track, or tracks closer to the finger and thumb holes, will benefit from a different layout than someone with a low track. Rev rate can also be a factor as well. Someone who has a high rev rate may not want to use a layout that places the pin below the fingers, since it will hook incredibly earlier for them. Finally, ball speed can dictate how you are going to want your ball to roll. High ball speeds can be overcome by using earlier rolling layouts, since they will almost cancel each other out, whereas bowlers with slower ball speeds want the ball to go long before it reacts.

I hope I have provided some insight into the tricky game of making your bowling ball work for you. The goal is to find the balance between how you bowl, and what you want the ball to do. Once this is achieved, take the pin, CG, and mass bias and place them in spots that are most likely going to result in your desired reaction. All that is left to do after that is taking your ball to the lanes put it to good use.

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How To Select A Good Cheap Bowling Ball

If you love to bowl, but not enough to forego eating and paying rent in order to buy an expensive ball, you can find cheap bowling balls that will more than suffice for your needs.

Taking a few precautions can lead to a very satisfying experience of buying cheap bowling balls. I have been purchasing on the Internet for well over six years now and have never had a problem. So, before you overlook cheap bowling balls simply on the basis of being cheap, think of how you could use them — a cheap bowling ball might be absolutely perfect for a certain shot. While the term cheap is relative, we will assume that cheap means between $100-$140.

Cheap bowling balls are good for people that are newer to the sport but want to use their own ball. Cheap bowling balls are good for the amatuer bowler building their first bowling ball arsenal. Cheap Bowling Balls Although i do not care for regulation as a general rule. But, there has to be some general oversight to make sure people’s greed do not get to them. Cheap bowling balls are for spares and to throw straight, more expensive bowling balls are for throwing strikes and to hook.

For your help, we will discuss three cheap bowling balls that fall within the $100-$140 range. These balls are all excellent purchases, but different needs might need to be catered to so the buyer should keep that in mind.

Columbia Blue Dot

The Columbia Blue Dot bowling ball is a cheap bowling ball that would be a good ball for the weekend warrior, but maybe not for someone who likes to bowl several times a week.

The coverstock for these cheap bowling balls is hard polyester. While this isn’t a bad material, there are other more advanced materials that most of the pros and advanced bowlers use.

This ball can coat between $100-$150, but a good average price is about $105. That means it is one of the cheaper balls on the market.

Faball Hammer 4D HPT

The Faball Hammer 4D HPT bowling ball features a hammer coverstock and a hook potential of 20. That means that this cheap bowling ball is one that can definitely be beneficial to you, even though you won’t have to pay too much for it.

Because this ball is a little more technologically advanced than the Columbia Blue Dot, you should expect to pay a little more. The average price for a ball like this is around $140.

Ebonite Matrix Trimax II Bowling Ball

This cheap bowling ball is so nice and includes so many excellent features and technology that you may not believe it is more expensively priced. The ball has a hook potential of 22.5 on a dull floor and 13.4 hook potential on a shinier floor.

It has a Trimax II reactive coverstock. That means that the material from which it’s made has been designed to help make you a better bowler. An estimate for the cost of a ball like this would be around $139.

While this list is certainly not all-encompassing, it should give you an idea of what kinds of features you can look for in finding cheap bowling balls. These balls can be found for a fair price, but still be excellent purchases for the budding bowler.

Even though you are looking for cheap bowling balls, you don’t want to lose your money do you? This can typically be seen when you are on the credit card page. That means cheap bowling balls can easily be found with a simple web search, providing you literally billions of selections at the touch of the bottom, leaving you the option of selecting the cheapest. Getting into bowling doesn?t cost you your bowling arm or your leg anymore. So, before you overlook cheap bowling balls simply on the basis of being cheap, think of how you could use them — a cheap bowling ball might be absolutely perfect for a certain shot.